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Advanced School In Food Policies And Sustainability

2011-2012 Online Advanced School in Food Policies and Sustainability

The deadline for submission has been postponed to September 20, 2011! Please hurry up!

Overall concept

This year’s edition of the Advanced School is aimed at gaining a better understanding of sustainable food policies and the way they are defined and articulated in EU Member States. It will be structured as an online course running from mid October to mid December 2011. One month, from mid December to mid January, will be a “reading period”. During this time, students will be expected to conduct research and prepare their final written assignment, which consists of drafting an analysis of good practices in connection with an EU Member State.

The school is structured around eight interlinked thematic areas (see below). Each thematic area will correspond to one module and will be led by a coordinator. A group of experts will assist coordinators with the development of different themes and issues arising in connection with the modules. The experts will not be assigned to specific modules, but will provide a common set of tools and a pool of expertise that every coordinator will be able to draw on.

Thematic areas

  1. Agriculture and Rural Development (AGR)
  2. Sea and Fisheries (SEA)
  3. Health and Consumers (HEA)
  4. Research and Innovation (RES)
  5. Climate Change (CLI)
  6. Sustainable Education (EDU)
  7. Development and Cooperation (DEV)
  8. Energy and Environment (ENE)

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Maximum available places
54 students.

Eligibility criteria

  • BSc/BA or equivalent background knowledge and skills (to be documented with CVs and copies of academic degrees)
  • Fluency in English and in the national language of the EU country the student is interested in or is from
  • Basic IT skills
  • Strong interest in sustainability and food policies (to be documented in a letter of motivation

Syllabus outline
The course will analyse how eight key policy areas of the European Union (Agriculture and Rural Development, Sea and Fisheries, Health and Consumers, Research and Innovation, Climate Change, Sustainable Education, Development and Cooperation, Energy and Environment) can be approached from the perspective of the development and/or implementation of sustainable food polices. The first four weeks will be devoted to an overview of the eight modules and a detailed introduction to each policy area. Each week will be devoted to two modules. In the four weeks that follow, students will conduct research in order to identify and map good practices in the field of sustainable food policies existing in his/her country of choice.

Learning outcomes
After this course the students will be able to: a. read and understand the basic relevant literature in all the eight thematic areas and in relation to EU food policies; b. identify (within one specific country) examples of good practices in the remit of sustainable food polices and/or the factors which may affect sustainable food production and consumption; c. critically analyze trans-disciplinary interdependence among these diverse factors.

Eight weeks from 17th October 2011 to 9th December 2011

Teaching strategy
Online lectures and related readings during the first four weeks, with the addition of group and individual online tutorials during the second four weeks.

Written report, focusing on one European Union country, analysing good practices in the field of sustainable food policies.

Academic credits
8 academic credits (ECTS) (1 credit=25 hrs. of students’ work)

Important dates

  • July-August 2011: call advertised on the University of Gastronomic Sciences homepage:
  • 20th September 2011: the deadline for submission has been postponed to September 20, 2011
  • 30th September 2011:selection of students by an ad hoc selection committee
  • 17th October 2011: commencement of online course and lectures (two modules/subject areas each week)
  • 14th November 2011: commencement of students' research into their chosen countries
  • 9th December 2011: closure of online courses

Please note
During the first 4 weeks (mid October-mid November, the students will focus on the eight areas, two areas being covered each week.
During the second 4 weeks (mid November-mid December), the students will analyse good practices concerning sustainable food policies in their countries of choice
13th January 2012: deadline for the submission of the written report

€1,000, covering the online course and electronic teaching materials; scholarships will be available to cover part of the tuition fee.

Partial waivers (€500) are available to those students, who specifically ask for a financial sustain and whose country of origin is among the following: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

Payment Deadline
October 10, 2011

Payment details (payments accepted via wire transfer only):
ABI 03069 C
AB 46040
C/C 100000015669
IBAN IT42 D 030 6946 0401 00000015669

Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche

PAYMENT PURPOSE: (Specify the following text in your wire transfer request to ensure receipt of payment. Insert your first and last name as indicated below.)
“Causale: Corso Food Policies - A.A. 2011/2012 – (First and Last Name)”

Organisers/Contact persons

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