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Youth Food Movement

In November 2007, the fifth International Slow Food Congress in Puebla, Mexico, saw the launch of the Youth Food Movement. Driven by UNISG students, Slow Food USA, and a group of students from American universities, the new organization’s goal is to bring together young farmers, producers, cooks, and activists to build food systems around the world that are good, clean, and fair. Through a network of university convivia, individual relationships, and student exchanges, the Youth Food Movement promotes acting locally while communicating internationally.

The movement supports projects and events that inspire change and new ideas, and is based in Slow Food student convivia around the world. One such project is Pangea: the Ark of Knowledge, an educational exchange program for young people (farmers, cooks, students) that uses first-hand travel experience to share traditional food knowledge and preserve the undocumented wisdom of farmers, fishers, restaurateurs, and producers. Terra Madre also offers YFM members to meet and expand their ranks, learn about food production, and share knowledge amongst themselves and other food communities.

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