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Communications Lab

A learning and experimentation space, as well as a multimedia archive, the Communications Lab is housed in the Cascina Albertina of the Pollenzo campus, for access by students from the three-year undergraduate and two-year graduate programs.

Twelve interconnected computer workstations, as well as a central workstation and large-screen monitor, comprise the space and offer opportunities for group and individual work.

A video camera may be used to document interactions and/or monitor the lab space from an adjoining observation room.

The Communications Lab offers numerous possibilities:

  • a controlled observation locale for monitoring, mapping, archiving, and interpreting communications subjects and phenomena within a variety of research contexts
  • an experimental space with full functionality for interaction and certification of participant responses (e.g. focus groups)
  • a learning environment for developing practical skills
  • an open-ended idea incubator
  • a qualitative archive for the research and experiments carried out

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