The project

tavole accademiche unisg

“Tavole Accademiche”, literally Academic Tables, is the latest project to be launched by the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo – Bra (Cuneo). Its aim is to combine education, haute cuisine, fair costs, and local produce.

In addition to the 4 “UNISG Chefs”, from January 2013, 25 chefs representing nine countries all over the world will use the Pollenzo university cafeteria to serve students dishes that respect the principles of “good, clean and fair” at a complete menu price of no more than €5. Thanks to “Tavole Accademiche”, students will see their lunch break not only as a time for eating, but also as a training opportunity sensitive to the concepts of quality and environmental, social and economic sustainability. Lunch thus becomes an educational experience, in which students can get to know different dishes from the Piedmontese, Italian and international traditions.

The new “Lidia and Guido Alciati” university cafeteria, named for two great Piedmontese restaurateurs, will be developed in the Pollenzo university complex as a “virtuous” space based on systemic principles with sustainable, low-impact utensils, equipment and methods of producing and serving food. Dishes will be seasonal and made with local ingredients using low-energy-consumption crockery and served with eco-sustainable cutlery and tableware, Plus, leftovers will be recycled.

NOTE: the cafeteria is reserved for UNISG students and staff only. Visitors from outside the university are not allowed.