Per art. 13 of the University Statutes, the Dean directs the academic and scientific activities of the University, within the scope outlined in the Statutes.The Dean is named by the Board of Directors from among the University staff professors and members of the greater academic community who have contributed to the successful functioning of the University. The appointment is for three years and may be extended upon its conclusion. Professor Piercarlo Grimaldi was named Dean of the University of Gastronomic Sciences on October 1, 2011.
Faculty Council

Because the University comprises a single faculty, a Faculty Council stands in place of an Academic Senate, as per Art. 30 of the General Regulations of Universities. The Faculty Council is responsible for the duties outlined in Art. 17 of the University Statutes as well as those normally assigned to an Academic Senate, as outlined in Art. 15 of the Statutes. The Faculty Council is responsible for the rules, planning, and coordination of all academic and research activities not managed by other University offices, as well as the academic and research structure. Per Art. 16.4 of the Statues, the Faculty Council is composed of the Dean, who presides over it, of University staff professors, and of representatives of researchers and current students, as elected by all in-session and post-session students, as outlined in the regulations.


Rettore Prof. Piercarlo Grimaldi

Full and Associate Professors:
Prof. Michele Antonio Fino
Prof. Claudio Malagoli
Prof. Nicola Perullo
Prof. Andrea Pieroni

Researcher Representative:
Dott Gabriella Morini

Student Representative:
Domitilla Giuliani

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, per Art. 9 of the Statutes, oversees the administrative, fiscal, economic, and capital management of the University, as well as regular and exceptional governance, including underlying decision-making procedures in order to assure and guarantee the achievement of institutional goals.


Carlo Petrini

Vice President:
Silvio Barbero

Piercarlo Grimaldi
Paolo Luciano Garbarino
Oscar Farinetti
Fabio Palladino
Giuseppe Sergio Panero
Giovanni Quaglia
Pierluigi Zamò

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, per Art. 10 of the University Regulations, manages those powers as assigned the Board of Directors.


Carlo Petrini

Silvio Barbero
Piercarlo Grimaldi
Oscar Farinetti
Fabio Palladino

Administrative Director
Per Art. 14 of the Statues, the Administrative Director is named by the Board of Directors on the recommendation of the President, and is responsible for the administrative aspect of the University. Stefania Ribotta was named Administrative Director of the University of Gastronomic Sciences on April 15, 2011.
Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors, per Art. 28 of the Statutes, maintains the accounting systems and prepares the financial statements.


Dott. Aldo Milanese

Permanent auditors:
Dott. Vladimiro Rambaldi

Substitute auditors:
Dott. Francesco Palanza

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee, as per Italian law no. 370 dated October 19, 1999, evaluates internal administration, academic and research activities, and study-support services, by verifying cost-benefit analyses, proper use of public resources, academic and research productivity, as well as the impartiality and smooth flow of administrative operations.
On July 15, 2011, the Board of Directors, per Art. 27.2 of the Statutes, named the members of the Evaluation Committee for the three-year period 2011/2014, as follows.


Prof. Luigi Puddu (University of Torino – Facolty of Economics)

Commitee members:
Prof. Muzio Gola (Torino Polytechnic)
Prof. Piercarlo Grimaldi (University of Gastronomic Sciences)
Prof. Claudio Malagoli (University of Gastronomic Sciences)
Dott. Enrico Sorano (University of Torino – Facolty of Economics)

Evaluation Committee support office:
Alessandro Asteggiano | Tel. +39 0172 458534 | Fax +39 0172 458550 | Email:

Student Representatives

UNISG student representatives for the academic year 2012-13, are:

Faculty Council:
Domitilla Giuliani

Disciplinary Commission:
Giorgia Francia

Student Council:
Matheus Esteves
Bianca Luce Bonetti
Arianna Garella
Giulio Bonola

Equal-Opportunity Committee:
John Wanyu